The Oregon Coastal Futures Project is composed of an interdisciplinary team of researchers from Oregon State University

Peter Ruggiero: Lead, takes an interdisciplinary approach to assessing the magnitude, frequency, and impacts of coastal hazards.

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John Bolte: Professor and Head of the Department of Biological and Ecological Engineering and is the lead developer of Envision.

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Pat Corcoran: Coastal hazards extension specialist with significant experience working with coastal stakeholders and the project team.

Dan Cox: Coastal hazards engineering and Director of the Cascadia Lifelines Project (CLiP).

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Steven Dundas: Environmental economist focused on non-market valuation, coastal ecosystem services, climate change adaptation, and policy evaluation.

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Jenna Tilt: Research social scientist focused on the relationship between environmental management, land use planning, and human behavior.

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Amila Hadziomerspahic: PhD student in Applied Economics focused on the economics and risk of natural hazards, coastal community resilience, and policy analysis

Meredith Leung: PhD student in Geology focused on chronic coastal hazards modeling (flooding, erosion, sediment transport).

Sabarethinam Kameshwar: Post-doctoral research scholar focused on studying infrastructure vulnerability under acute hazards, effect of policy decisions on infrastructure vulnerability, and community resilience.

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Dylan Sanderson: PhD student in Civil Engineering focused on how infrastructure at the community-scale responds to acute coastal hazards.

Katie Stanton: Applied, cultural, and environmental anthropology graduate student focused on community based participatory research and sense of place theory regarding Oregon coastal community resilience and disaster risk reduction through investigating structural violence within policy action.

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