In this storyline, we explore the sources of, and various demands for, water in the Willamette basin, for the period 2010-2100.

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Water supply, measured as total annual precipitation falling over the Willamette Basin, far exceeds water demand from forests, agriculture, and people.

Key Findings


The Data

We start with a look at the big picture - the major sources (supplies) and sinks (demands) of water in the WRB. The primary source of water in the WRB is precipitation. Water is "consumed" in the valley primarily through evapotranporation from agricultural crops, forests, and other vegetative land cover types, with some additional losses to consumptive urban uses. Below, we summmarize these sources (supplies) and sinks (demand) for the WRB for each of the three climate scenarios.

Basin Supply Summary Basin Demand Summary

Next, we look in more detail at the supply side, in particular the relationship between precipitation falling as rain and that falling as snow.

Water Supply - Rain/Snow Distributions Amount of Storage in Snow: April 1 Snow Volumes

Next, we look in more detail at the demand side of things. Primary non-forest water consumption sectors include agriculture. We look at these two sectors in more detail below.

Municipal Demand Detail - Reference

Population, income and price are all factors in the urban water demand model. As population increases demand increases. However, in the Reference Case, during the first 15 years, the model assumes an increase in water prices to address a backlog of infrastructure needs, this causes a slower growth in water demand over these years. Later in the century there is an increase in demand as population and incomes continue to rise and prices decline slightly due to economies of scale as cities grow.

Crop water demand varies with climate -- it is highest in the High Change Climate scenario where warm and dry conditions lead to higher crop water demand.

Crop Water Demand Summary (Max ET) - all agriculture - irrigated and not irrigated

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