Model Overview

Fish (Lead: Stan Gregory)

Stream Temperature (Lead: Scott Wells and Cynthia Schwartz)

The fish and stream temperature sub-models represent the role that streams play in providing habitat for aquatic life, and provide a way to model the potential effects of climate change and population growth on aquatic ecosystems. We represent water demand for fish by meeting temperature targets for native cold-water fish, which are influenced by temperature released from the reservoirs and the energy balance along each reach of the Willamette.   The river temperature sub-model is currently based on a simple regression model. An energy balance sub-model is under development.  The fish sub-model relates modeled stream temperatures to the likelihood of capturing various fish species in a standard sampling effort (e.g., spring Chinook salmon, winter steelhead trout, Oregon chub, common carp).  The fish sub-model is derived from field research carried out in 2011- 2013 that related fish species distribution and abundance to stream temperature and other habitat characteristics (Williams, 2014). 

Key Data Sources and Assumptions

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