Site Navigation

Navigation through this site is generally accomplished in two ways. The menu at the top of the window (just below the black "Envision Big Wood Basin" banner) let's you jump to specific locations in the site. Some of these menus have an additional "drop-down" menu providing additional navigation options. For example, clicking on the "Storylines" menu item brings up an additional drop-down menu that let's you navigate to each individual storyline. Additionally, at the top and bottom of each screen are a set of "Previous" and "Next" links - theses take you the the preceeding and next page in the site.

Also note that clicking on many of the images on the site will bring up a larger, higher resolution version of the image in a new browser window.  Close this window to return to the orginal page.

Working with The Charts

This site contains numerous charts, maps, and other types of graphics.  Many of these, the charts in particular, are interactive.  "Hovering" your mouse/pointing device of the chart allows you to see the underlying data for the point(s) at the location you are hovering.  Also, because of the large amount of data used in these analyses, the charts can initially be somewhat intimidating to interpret.  To allow you to focus in only those datasets you really want to see in the charts, we have provided a number of filters that you can interactively turn on anf off to show only those subsets of the data you find useful. 

Try it out - we've provided a sample chart below you can use to try out some of the interactive chart features.

  • Most charts have predefined filters buttons for filtering the data by specific climate and/or management scenarios. 

  • Clicking the "shortcut" buttons at the bottom of the chart filter the chart display by the selected scenario. You can further filter the data displayed on the chart by entering a search string in the "Filter" box near the bottom of the chart. For the management scenarios,
    ="Ag Boom, Less Managed",
    ="Ag Boom, More Managed",
    tblm="Tourist Boom, Less Managed",
    ="Tourist Boom, More Managed"

  • All Charts also have a "Filter" text box that you can type a filter string into.  This is an extremely helpful feature for the more complex charts with many data series.  Whatever you type in the filter box will be compared to the legend text; only those dataseries which contain the filter text will be displayed on the chart.

  • You can "turn on" or "turn off" as specific data series on the chart by clicking on the legend categories for that data series. 

  • "Double-clicking" on the legend category will turn "on" the corresponding data series while turning off all the other series.

  • Clicking the "Reset" button will remove all filters and reset the chart to its original state.
Test Chart - Try Me Out!