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While no clear trends are evident from the climate projections over the study period, the timing, or ‘seasonality’, of precipitation is another important part of the story because of its influence on snowpack and timing of peak flows. These impacts are addressed later on in this storyline.


Precipitation, both amount and timing, is a critical factor in the water supply equation for the Big Wood Basin. In particular, it heavily influences stream flows and determines snow and snow accumulation rates.

Key Findings

  • Precipitation has historically been highly variable and with continued variability projected into the future.
  • The warmer/wetter scenario seems to predict amplified wet years and dry years compared to the historical period.
  • The other two climate scenarios show no clear trends in the amount of precipitation expected over the course of a year.

The Data

The following chart show a summary of the basin average precipitation change for the entire Big Wood Basin. You can "turn on" and "turn off" particular models by clicking on the legend entries near the top of the chart. Clicking the buttons at the bottom of the chart also filter the chart display by scenario. You can further filter the data displayed on the chart by entering a search string in the "Filter" box near the bottom of the chart.
Average Precipitation by Climate Model