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Willamette Water 2100

This project is evaluating how climate change, population growth, and economic growth will alter the availability and the use of water in the Willamette River Basin on a decadal to centennial timescale.  The project seeks to create a transferable method of predicting where climate change will create water scarcities and where those scarcities will exert the strongest impacts on human society.

Big Wood Basin Alternative Futures

The goals of this project are to explore interactions between agriculture, urban land use practices, and recreational activities under future conditions of climate and water supply in the Big Wood Basin in central Idaho. Our approach is to work closely with stakeholders in each step of the process to ensure that research is delivered in a usable form for public and private decision makers. This project is being done in conjunction with the Climate Impacts Research Consortium

Grays Harbor County Coastal Futures

This project is exploring how the impacts of climate change-induced sea level rise along with population growth and future development patterns may impact coastal communities in Gray's Harbor County, Oregon. Our Knowledge-To-Action Network is co-producing knowledge necessary for adaptation planning. This project is partnering with the Climate Impacts Research Consortium.

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